Blue Abstract Art | Pen Paper Scissor

Blue Abstract Art | Pen Paper ScissorBlue abstract art by Adam Zafrian, inspired by Jackson Pollock’s painting. Photo by Saatchi art.

Abstract Art had taken a considerable jump over the years in the field of art. Why?

The world-changing approach toward the traditional art style had changed and the concept of modern abstract art was brought up the front and the aesthetic appeal it had.

But let's first understand what is abstract art/abstract painting!

Abstract painting is modern art giving the artist an independent way for themselves in creating art and not sticking to the traditional notions of painting. Abstract painting uses careful tones and values, heavy or light brush strokes, colours or monochrome, compositions, forms or shapes, moods and textures. It has opened the multitudes for experimenting, a play of arrangements and viewpoints. It is the rustling of brushes on the canvas or the surface with a thought of a scene or resemblance of the episodes of their own life running in the background of their mind. It's art from the perspective of an artist.

'Abstract art was the equivalent of poetic expression; I didn’t need to use words, but colours and lines. I didn’t need to belong to a language-oriented culture but to an open form of expression.' ~ Edel Adnan 

Take a look back at how it started:

Abstract Art took birth in the 19th of century in Europe, after the renaissance. Abstract art rejected the rigidness of a particularly specific way of painting i.e., the traditional art, it later brought a viewpoint for itself.

‘The Irascible 18’, The Newyork School, these were the abstract artists who had unknowingly played a huge role in bringing Abstract art into the light. 

It was a new genre of art and each abstract artist used his way of painting, this came to be called abstract expressionism.

Abstract expressionism pictured various styles of painters.

Abstract Art - Dripping Method | Pen Paper Scissor  Jackson Pollock and his dripping method. Photo by google images.

Abstract Art - Geometry | Pen Paper ScissorWassily Kandinsky thought geometry and lines express the inner life of an artist. Photo by google images.

Abstract Art - Feet Painting | Pen Paper ScissorKazuo Shiraga painted with his feet. Photo by google images.

Abstract Art - Soak Stains Style | Pen Paper ScissorHelen Frankenthaler used her soak-stains style. Photo by google images.

Looking at the present days or the covid pandemic years it can be seen that there has been a lot in store in relevance to abstract art and minimalism. The hype of abstract art has grown in other mediums from fashion to modern abstract wall arts, home decor, and many others as well. The ‘MET GALA’ and Fashion Weeks could be perfect examples of witnessing abstract art in fashion.

Abstract Art - Met Gala | Pen Paper ScissorJanelle Monae’s 2019 Met Gala outfit. Photo by google images.

Abstract Art - Met Gala | Pen Paper ScissorMiharayasuhiro Spring 2013 Menswear Collection. Photo by google images.

The depths of abstract art have remained unmatched, it’s not just the painting painted on the surface but a state of mind, there is a sense of similarity of performances of the human mind. And catching the eyes of an audience is an art that can’t be seen but is felt in a visual language. Abstract paintings have a strange way of speaking for themselves. Just like how we say the simplest things are hard to convey, the same way simplicity in abstract art is what brings in the complexity itself.

Abstract art could be one of the ways of destressing by emptying oneself into the painting. Not just that it's a great way of being productive but your painting is a representation of yourself, what you see, what you hear, and what you feel. Abstract art is much like a way of looking at one’s inner self.

I hope this motivates you on picking up your Watercolor Paintbrush and giving a try to your journey of abstractness!


Writer: Samruddhi Kamble

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