Brustro Slim Battery Operated Automatic Eraser | 22 Refills | 2 Eraser Holders

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- Brustro Slim Battery-Operated Automatic Eraser tip allows quick and easy correction of small areas of work without disturbing other parts of the artwork
- This Brustro electric eraser erases with pinpoint precision with a powerful motor
- This pack includes 1 slim battery-operated electric eraser with a sleek design. It comes with 10 pieces of 2.3mm eraser refills and 12 pieces of 5mm eraser refills. Includes 2 eraser holders to hold both types of erasers
- This 2.3mm Brustro battery eraser can be used to create tiny parts such as hair, small patterns, and shapes
- 5mm eraser can be used to create thicker highlights 
Note: it requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included in this pack

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