Brustro Watercolour Paper | 25% Cotton | 300 GSM | A3/ A4/ A5 Size

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Size: A4
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- Brustro Watercolor Paper is produced with 25% cotton and doesn't contain acid to ensure the inalterability of paper over time
- Brustro watercolor paper provides optimal absorbance and retains its nature even if scratched
- Ideal for all types of fine art techniques such as wet, dry, and wet on wet
- It's the most versatile paper and works wonderfully with watercolor, graphite, inks, charcoal acrylics, tempera, and gouache. Also, it is suitable for printmaking as well
- This Brustro watercolor paper comes in A3, A4, and A5 sizes
- The pack contains 300 GSM 5+1 sheets for A3 size, 9+3 sheets for A4 size, and 18+6 sheets for A5 size

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