EPOKE EFX Epoxy Resin Starter Kit | 300gms

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- The main features of EPOKE EFX Epoxy Resin Starter Kit are:
  • Pot life of 15-20 minutes
  • Cure to the touch in 3 hours 
  • The mixing ratio is 2:1 by weigh
  • Honey like consistency
  • Perfect control over resin art patterns
  • Excellent retention of patterns
  • Recommended for pigmented coatings
  • Ready to re-coat or hang in 3 hours
  • Moderate Yellowing stability 
  • Clear colorless liquids rendering a crystal clear coating or cast when cured
- It is Not suitable for Casting and Petri dish artwork. Recommended only for applications below 4mm thickness
- Contents: 200g Resin + 100g Hardener

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