EPOKE Mega Cast Resin | 1600gms

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- EPOKE Mega Cast Resin is a crystal clear epoxy casting system that provides a long working combined with a very low exothermic cure when used in a single pour thickness up to 60mm which makes it ideal for error-free casting, bubble removal, and product placement within the resin
- It is a specially formulated resin system for Deep Casting in a single pour which makes it perfect for resin river tables and other bulk casting projects
- Mix Ratio: Part A : Part B is 100 : 60 by weight and performs best at temperatures in the range of 18-28 deg C
- Pot Life: 5 to 6 hours @25 deg C
- Maximum Single Pour: 2 inches or 60m
- Demoulding Time: 3 days @25 deg C
- Full Cure for Sanding: 10 days @25 deg C

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